Profiling Photographers – Michael Rawle

This is the first in a new series of Photography posts that will appear regularly on this Blog. I have known Michael for approx. 25 years and we first met at Campbelltown Camera Club (now, Macarthur Photographic Society) in Sydney, Australia. A big thanks to Michael for sharing his thoughts and images!

Currently favor and use Olympus micro 4/3 mirrorless system (E-M5 & E-M1)
I still however have (and will probably use in future)
2 x Olympus 4/3 DSLRs (E410 & E520), and
3 x Olympus OM system SLRs (OM2n, OM40, OM4)

1. Why did you choose Photography as your medium of communication?
I developed a love of movies from a very early age (my family were all film buffs) and I quickly warmed to the visual language of film in terms of both aesthetics, and in triggering an emotional response and in storytelling. In my late teen’s this translated to a love of a photography and still images and a desire to be able to capture images myself as a form of creative self-expression.


2. Which Photographers have been the greatest influences on you & why?
There are many photographers who impress me with their ability to capture wonderful images, master visual story-telling, and clearly share my sensibilities and world view. Some of these would include:
David Bailey; Max Dupain; Ansel Adams; Robert Capa; David Moore; Lewis Morley; Annie Leibovitz; Henri Cartier-Bresson; Bill Henson; Frank Hurley; Robert Mapplethorpe; William Yang; Harold Cazneaux… etc etc

3. What inspires you to create the type of images that you do?
To create strong images that are aesthetically satisfying, but also make an emotional connection to the viewer and have the ability to tell a story.

4. What do you think makes your style unique?
I don’t know if it is, however as we are all unique as people I like to think I bring my own character, personality, passions and sensibility to my creative endeavors and hopefully this is expressed in my images.


5. Do you have any advice for an aspiring photographer?
Follow your passions, be open to learning and be inspired by others, but above all stay true to yourself

6. What is the next big adventure for you, photographically?
Self-publishing books of my images; and exploring video as an extension to my love of the still image.

To look at more of Michael’s images:

Under The Bridge

Moving House

Settling back
My feet are so sore
Moving house
Is such a chore!

First the packing
Culling on the way
Wish I could do this
Another day!

Embrace the move
With such clarity
Give things away
To your local charity

The garage sale is
An intriguing beast
As one and all
Come to feast

Searching for a bargain
Haggling a price
It can be such a tiresome

The day of moving
Comes too quick
It seems you can’t
Just take a trick

Furniture and boxes
Your helpers take
So much care

When the moving is over
You look around
Surrounded by boxes
You feel so bound

As the stress subsides
You start to see
Moving house
Helps you to be free

Free of the things
That have cluttered your life
It’s another chance
To set things right

Less is more
We often hear
Moving house
Lets you clear

Ready to move on
With your Life’s journey
Time to act on
Your great yearnings!

Written by David Johnson
14 November 2015

© CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2015