The Story Of Painting

A few weeks ago whilst browsing in a local bookstore, I came upon what I now know to be quite an impressive book titled, “The Story Of Painting – How Art Was Made.”

Almost every day since, I’ve picked up this book and have been instantly engaged by its contents. I find it to be fascinating, interesting, informative, inspirational and well-written.

To see a more detailed description and reviews by other readers, click on the following (shortened) link which will take you ‘Goodreads.’

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Written by David Johnson

30 September 2020

Sketching Our Lives

Enjoying This Space

My Daily Art Practice

As those who follow my blog would know, on 26 January 2019, I decided to aim to a ‘Watercolour Sketch a day and at the time of writing, I have not missed a day.

I started my ‘Daily Art Practice’ as I wanted to improve my Watercolour and Sketching skills at a faster rate. Prior to the sketch a day routine that I now have in my life, life seemed to ‘always get in the way’ and sometimes, the gap between my Watercolour sketches was a couple of weeks. I ended up being too busy, too tired or whatever.

My Creative Space!

I was hungry to learn and looking back, I am so glad I have prioritised my time to allow me to have this daily Art practice as part of my life.

It has not only benefitted me on the art-side of things but has also become a kind of ‘mental escape.’ It’s a time for me to ‘zone-out’ and disappear into another world, but back to the Art-side of things.

Sometimes, as we are travelling along, we wonder if we are getting anywhere? Last weekend I reviewed some of my earlier images and was pleasantly surprised at how far I’ve come. I still have a long way to go to where I want be, however, but am really enjoying the journey!

There are two images below. The first image (side of a Barn) was completed prior to me starting my daily Art practice. The second (of a similar subject) is Day 539.

The next two images are from a Peter Sheeler tutorial I did twice. During lockdown I did over 120 tutorials by Peter Sheeler and Nil Rocha Art and had actually forgotten that I done this particular tutorial before.

I’m pretty happy with the progress I have made so far and am looking to continue this wonderful journey!

Written by David Johnson

23 September 2020

Nurtured Thought

Musical Breeze

Stories Inspire!

Uncovering Treasure

As mentioned previously, last week, I visited the Argyle Emporium in Goulburn, NSW, Australia. It is home to over 500,000 books plus records and other curios.

As those of you would know who follow my blog, I am an avid reader, book-lover and in particular, I love Art and Communication. I also love visiting second-hand bookstores, though unfortunately, there are not so many around these days.

I spent just under an hour at the Argyle Emporium and really only looked at 3 different sections, ‘Classics’, Poetry and Art.

Recently, I read my first John Steinbeck novel, ‘The Pearl’ and was quite taken with his writing so I was keen to find some of his books. I know we can easily get re-prints/re-issues from bookstores, however, there is something extra-special about reading an older copy of these books. I can’t really explain it but it just feels great.

I was thrilled to pick up 3 John Steinbeck novels (in two books) and managed to add another 4 books to my Poetry collection and also picked up the best book I have seen to-date, on Watercolour.

The ‘treasure’ I uncovered last week is listed below:

  1. Cup of Gold – John Steinbeck
  2. Of Mice and Men & Cannery Row – John Steinbeck
  3. A Farewell To Arms – Ernest Hemingway
  4. The Old Man and The Sea – Ernest Hemingway
  5. The Poet’s World – An Anthology of English Poetry – 350 pages
  6. Collected Poems of Henry Thoreau – 380 pages
  7. Poems and Poets – 420 pages
  8. Introduction To Poetry: British, American, Canadian – 690 pages
  9. The Essence of Watercolor – Hazel Soan

All bought for a combined total of $40.00.

I’ve started reading, ‘Cup of Gold’ and am enjoying it immensely. Also, at various times this past week I have enjoyed dipping into the Poetry books, savouring the words, thoroughly enjoying the experience and have already begun being inspired by, ’The Essence of Watercolor.’

I’m sure that (within the pages) there is even more treasure to be uncovered. Till next time!

Written by David Johnson

September 2020

Earthly Rhythms

Your Imagination