A Thought That Lingers…

A Thought That Lingers...

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Wollondilly Arts Group Inc Revisted

A little over 5 years ago, I was a member of Wollondilly Arts Group Inc. I moved away from the area but not far enough away that I couldn’t have stayed a member. Life sometimes happens, however, and at the time I had to let my membership lapse due to other commitments.
WAG started in 2004 and they are a creative group of Amateur and Professional Artists who get together on a monthly basis to create, share ideas and generally help and inspire each other in their artistic journeys.
There are a mixture of mediums being worked by WAG members e.g. Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour, Drawing, Paper-Making, Textile, Drawing, Sketching, Photography to name some.
Yesterday, I went back for the long-awaited visit to the monthly Creative Workshop I used to enjoy going to so much and wasn’t disappointed.
Although our artistic journeys are of an individual nature, many benefits can be gained from regularly mixing with other artists, and this is what I believe I have been missing out on over the past 5 years.
I have been slowly increasing the amount of time allocated to drawing and painting over those years but have been feeling something was missing.
Yesterday proved to me how much I need to be a member of WAG again. They are a friendly bunch of down-to-Earth creatives who are there to share their thoughts, tips and encourage each other.
In just being there I felt inspired. It also felt like I had come ‘home.’
In the next 2-3 years, we do intend to move back into the area/further away from Sydney as well.
I am excited to be rejoining Wollondilly Arts Group Inc and look forward to the many years of friendship, encouragement and inspiration that lie ahead.


Written by David Johnson
15 July 2018


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Fun At The Time Travellers World Fare!

A couple of weekends ago my wife, Susan and I attended the inaugural Time Travellers World Fair at Menangle Park, NSW Australia. Menangle Park is only about 20 mins drive away from where we live so it was a real treat to have something like this so close.
The Time Travellers World Fair brought together, steampunk, medieval and past, present and future time travelling cosplayers.
There were time travel-themed market stalls which were selling everything from new gadgets, clothing, equipment and novelty items as well as more traditional market stalls.
An additional treat for me on the day was running into Steve Cilia. Steve and I had not seen each other since school, back in 1978.
What a blast from the past!
Steve has worked for the Railway in various roles for most of his life and has built scaleable/rideable trains and travelled from 140 kilometres away to not only see the Fare but also because he saw (on Facebook) that I was going to the event as well and thought there might be a chance we would run into each other.
We all very much enjoyed the Fare and are looking forward to its return in 2019.
Written by David Johnson
5 July 2018