When The Student Is Ready…

We’ve probably all heard that quote, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…’

Over the years (being the Library addict I am) I sought out different books on the subject of Writing, as I kept thinking that I would like to write someday. Time always seemed the enemy, though perhaps it was not high enough on my priority-list… Photography was still my main interest at that time and, in terms of interests, not much else got a look-in.

I purchased the book ‘The Tao Of Writing’ back when I was working in the City of Sydney in 2008. I had a Coffee Table book 20150815-IMG_2510-1called ‘The Tao Of Photography’ which I liked and I thought it would be interesting to read how The Tao applied to Writing.

Commencing the book I found that it ‘did not resonate with me.’ The words were just words on a page that could not seem to hold my interest. It remained in my bookshelves. A couple of years later I tried again. Same result, yet I held onto the book through moving house/book culls.

In 2013 I ventured into my first two Blogs, ‘Light Inspired’ (Photography) & ‘Observations & Other Writings’ (mainly Poetry with a few articles) and over the past two years I have enjoyed writing for both of them.

In May this year whilst scanning my bookshelves, there it was…‘The Tao Of Writing.’

It stared at me and I stared at it. I picked it out and started to read and it began to speak to me in ways that I could not imagine.

It has inspired me to:

  • start to formulate and idea for a reference book. I have the outlines for 2 chapters done
  • progress on my idea of a Short Story book project. I have the outlines of 4 stories
  • think about the way I communicate in various forms
  • develop this new blog, combining my interests

Was this the same book? Indeed it was and I enjoyed each and every page that I read, and the exercises at the end of each Chapter.

Why the difference? I guess I was not ‘ready’ to see and begin to absorb what Ralph L. Wahlstrom had to teach me.

I class myself as a ‘beginner’ in the writing world and have much to learn!

I’m really looking forward to attempting the 70 exercises in the back of the book, and I know I will be revisiting the book time and time again.

Something told me years ago ‘to hang onto that book.’ I’m very glad I did!

Written by David Johnson

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