There Are No ’36 Megapixel Brushes….’

A long, long time ago (when Photography was first invented) Painters were worried that this new Art would kill them off. Why would anyone need to paint when you could just take a photo?

Of course this proved to be a fallacy. The Art of Painting grew.

Fast-forward to the 21st Century, where Digital technology has seen the most wondrous advances in photo production (the Megapixel race continues), where image manipulation software turns photos into Watercolour, Oil, Sketches and thousands of other effects are possible in a myriad of combinations.

Is there a threat to the Art of Painting now?


Just like in Photography, Painting requires technical skill however (all things being equal) our individual imagination, ideas and expressive ability are what set us all apart.

In Photography it has never been easier to obtain a ‘technically competent image’ with all the technological advances that have been made. Technology however has not yet been able to replace our imagination. Photographers continue to express their ideas in new and interesting ways, based on their individuality, their environment and the influences present in their lives.

In Painting, whilst there are different grade brushes, paint and canvas options, there are no ’36 Megapixel brushes’ to give the Artist a technically-competent painting. The Painter must continue to endeavour to master the techniques and then introduce their imagination and ideas and be able to express them.

As a Photographer of 33 years and (at this point) a casual Painter of 3 years, the challenge is ahead to endeavour to master the technical aspects of painting so that I may then use my imagination to express my ideas to their fullest.

It is a challenge I am really looking forward to!

Written by David Johnson
6 September 2015

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