Profiling Photographers

'Light and Form'
‘Light and Form’

As part of the Photography section of this Blog, I will be shortly commencing a series of articles based around Photographers I either know or have come across in my travels since commencing the Artform of Photography myself in 1982. Some are Professional, some Semi-Professional and some are Enthusiasts.

It is my intention to obtain their responses to a brief number of questions which will aim to depict their thoughts on Photography itself and what inspires them to create their images.

Some examples of their images and links to their online galleries shall also be included.

It is not the intention to discuss ‘gear’ in these Profiles (although it will state what gear they do use and what attracted them to use it to communicate their message).  There exists a lot of wonderful equipment however, there are enough “Equipment Review’ sites out there to satisfy, I believe.

As a devotee of communication, and in particular, of photography for 30+ years I have been privileged to be associated with and have come across some outstanding practitioners of the Artform in that time.

Each of us ‘sees’ the world differently and thus will communicate it differently.

Through these ‘Photography Profiles’, it is my aim to celebrate their viewpoints and images with a new audience.

Written & Photographed by David Johnson

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