Jewels Of The Street

The rush of the wind
The falling of snow
Street lamps flicker
Causing the night to glow

The shops are like jewels
Along the streets
Like ships in a harbour
An organised fleet

Silently they stand
In the still of the night
Waiting for morning
For people to take flight

Queuing they will
For the lowest of prices
Ready to snap up
Those wonderful appliances

Through the hustle and bustle
Of that long-sales-day-grind
The staff will try to be
Both patient and kind

And when it’s time to close
The sales day is done
People return to their homes
And look over what they’ve won

The street returns to silence
The night begins to fall
The shop goes to sleep
Until the next sales day calls.

Written by David Johnson
27 December 2015

© CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2015

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