I’ll Read It Later…

One of the challenges of modern living is all the information we have at our disposal i.e. books, magazines and, in particular, the Internet. There are millions and millions of pages of information on probably everything imaginable, and some probably unimaginable.

We all live busy, demanding lives and all have family, interests, hobbies, sports etc. on top of our business or work commitments.

168 hours every week is what we receive to fit in ‘all of the above.’ Given that we need to prioritise and work out what is most important.

As a lover of the information/knowledge I enjoy reading articles on the Internet, particular if they anything to with photography, public speaking, painting, writing, poetry and music. Therein lies the problem. There is only so much time and too much information…

For many years now we have been able to enjoy this and often, faced with a perceived ’shortage of time’ I have come across articles and videos that I have deemed would be of great interest to me but didn’t have the time to read at that moment.

A great idea a ‘creative’ came up with was to invent things like ‘Read It Later’, ’Save To Pocket’,and Facebook has the capacity to ’Save’ things to read or view later. When things like this first came out I thought, ‘brilliant!’ Unfortunately now, I have so many things I’ve ’saved for later’, I don’t know when I will get to read them.

When does ‘later’ come?

These are all wonderful tools. I just need to learn to use them better, for at some time in the future, I will ‘run out of later….’

Perhaps the following may help me (and any others out there like me):

  • Clear out anything you have already saved for later, longer than a week old
  • Discipline ourselves on ‘what we save for later?’
  • Set a time aside for reading/viewing this information

Perhaps you might have some suggestions to help as well! If you do, please feel free to add them. 🙂


Written by David Johnson
March 2016

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