Maze Of Knowledge

Last Sunday,, I had the pleasure of visiting (for only the second time, surprisingly) the Argyle Emporium in Goulburn, NSW. The Argyle Emporium sells used books, records and an assortment of eclectic things.

As the bookshop is located in Goulburn, only 15 mins away from where my Wife’s parents live (where we have obviously visited numerous times over the years), its a wonder that we haven’t been there more often.

On one hand, though, maybe I can understand that after being there for a bit less than an hour yesterday and buying 9 books. It is truly an amazing place!

Set in a old Police Station, and being a building of largish construction (for Goulburn), it has a number of rooms, so many in fact that is like a maze. All the rooms are positively brimming with books on just about every subject you can imagine. A recent review highlights the fact it houses 500,000 books. A Bibliophile’s dream!

It is not only for a lover of collecting books though, it is an extremely deep well of knowledge and resource, a place I will be visiting more often now.

The owner, Tony advised me that his Father, Stephen had started the bookshop 21 years ago.

It is open 10am – 4pm 7 days a week and is located opposite the Railway Station in Sloane Street, Goulburn.

The Argyle Emporium is such a delightful place to spend time browsing for treasure. So, what of the treasure I uncovered yesterday? That will be the subject of another post…

Written by David Johnson 8 September 2020

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