Watercolor 365 – Daily Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Today, I visited my local Art and Craft shop, Eckersleys Art & Craft to spend a gift voucher I received for Christmas.

When I receive a gift voucher I always like to buy something memorable. It would be easy to spend it on more paints etc but those paints get used up and there’s nothing really left to show for spending the voucher.

Whilst surveying the shelves in the Art shop, I came across a book called, “Watercolor 365 – Daily Tips, Tricks & Techniques” by Leslie Redhead.

Buying any sort of ‘How To’ book can sometimes see us buying things we’ve already bought. They are so many books out there about Watercolour, when one buys a book, often the same material is conveyed, albeit sometimes in a different way.

Upon closer inspection I found that the ‘Tips, Tricks & Techniques’ contain: 

  • 52 Mini step-by-step instructions
  • 52 Q & A’s
  • 52 Troubleshooting tips
  • 52 Bits of creative advice
  • 52 General tips
  • 52 Definitions
  • 52 Exercises

I was impressed enough to buy the book. It looks very interesting and in viewing the book there are a quite a lot of things that I didn’t know (I’m not a full-time Artist). I believe I am going to enjoy using this book to help me in my Watercolour journey. Thank you, Leslie for producing this book. 🙂

Written by David Johnson

24 January 2021

2 thoughts on “Watercolor 365 – Daily Tips, Tricks & Techniques

  1. Interesting! Not that long ago, I wanted also call my watercolor book somewhat similar. The idea was 365, meaning, something for every day. Then I thought that seasons fit my art better, but it’s still in works. I’m also putting together materials about learning acrylic painting. Oh well, it’s too much.
    It’s nice seeing how many different interests you have. The top photo comes from an artist whose watercolor sketches i always liked. Or is it already a work you created following the lead?
    Anyway, nice seeing this wide variety of subjects.

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    1. Inese, Thank you for stopping by and for your comments, kind thoughts and likes,

      Best wishes for the book, it sounds very interesting. Re my interests, most fall under the banner, communication which I love.

      The top photo is one I did ‘based’ on a Nil Rocha Art tutorial. It’s my second attempt, and with the second attempt I did not actually ‘do the tutorial’ i.e. I just tried to do it without the instruction to challenge myself.

      Have a great week!

      Kind Regards, David


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