Just 8 Minutes Drive…

One of the benefits of living in Camden, NSW, Australia is that we have in the vicinity a wonderful place to unwind and relax. Just eight minutes away is the scene below…

Nepean River, Camden

We are blessed to live so close to such a beautiful place and I have been down there many times over the years to walk, to relax and do other activities like, photograph, sketch, paint or read. Sometimes, my Wife, Susan will come down there with me as well to walk, sit and or Crotchet (an interest she has taken up in the last 12 months).

There is a Bike/Walking track (up higher) that runs alongside the river and on most days it is frequented by individuals or families to exercise or just have a leisurely outing. There are plenty of places along the 5km/3.1mile track for people to enjoy picnics, ball games etc, though during lockdown at present, the latter is/are not allowed.

Bike/Walking Track, Camden

Nothing seems to get people out to exercise like a lockdown, though. We went down there yesterday to get some exercise and there were quite a few more people exercising in one form or another.

The images in this article are all taken with a phone, however, over time, I have taken my DSLR down there in the early morning or late afternoon if there is something specific that I want to capture.

I’ve only started sketching down there in the past twelve months and I look forward to doing more. I’m quite challenged with the subject matter down there which is good as it will stretch me.

Here are some more images that I have taken over time.

One of the other activities I mentioned that I do down there was reading. It is such a great place to take a book. Often, I will take a book of poetry when I am going down there to sketch or paint.

All-in-all, I’m sure you will agree that it is a wonderful place to visit and relax and in particular, having a place like this so close takes on even greater value when we are in lockdown.

Till next time…

Written and Photographed by David Johnson

25 July 2021

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