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Oil Painting Lives Again!

Since I started my Watercolour Sketch a Day aka daily Art practice on 26 January 2019, I haven’t used Oil paints. I love painting with them, it’s just that I’ve been so focused on Watercolour they seem to have disappeared from view.

That was, until last weekend.

I thought I’d start again and decided to paint two subjects that I had previously painted some time ago and see ‘how I would approach them now?’

The earlier paintings were painted with Student quality paints, the latter with Artist quality (Art Spectrum) paints.

The first one is of a Sand Dune:

In some ways I like the first version better (top shadow effect – dune) though I like the sky in the 2020 version better.

The second one is of the ocean:

This one is ‘no-contest’ as far as I can see! I love everything about the 2020 and not much at all about my earlier version.

I shall continue with my Watercolour Sketch a Day practice but Oils will not be disappearing into the background again, in fact, I’ve just started another one, a shipwreck.

Loving the journey!

Written by David Johnson

18 October 2020

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