Missing Pages

The Path

An Invisible Will

Contemplative Will

Contemplative moves
Contemplating self
The players deny
Any offers of help

Locked in a battle
Of wits with a friend
Two players duel
And contemplate the end

Strategies imparted
Strategies rebuked
This day’s win
Will be no fluke

Eye contact minimal
Nothing is given away
Piece for piece traded
Nothing stands in their way

All eyes on the duo
Patience unbending
As each of them seeks
The perfect of endings

On this overcast day
In the middle of the park
These two will keep duelling
Till well after dark

When the match has concluded
Shake hands, yes they will
Until they next meet
To get their ‘Chess thrill!’

Written by David Johnson
20 September 2015

© CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2015