And I Know That I Will

I sit and I watch the day unfolding
Shadows creep in, shadows creep out
The Sun dances across the sky
Partnering with clouds as we watch the day go by

As I sit and I wonder
What the day will bring
With each passing hour
No more than a shower

The day goes on
The light changes hourly
I sit and watch the day unfold
A promise of more I surely am told

I dream and I dream
I watch and I listen
The day speaks to me
And I listen intently

The message is clear
How could I have not seen it?
It was there all along
Was my mind distracted?

I begin to understand
And try not to question
What life was telling me
Again and again

All along it has been saying
What I should do
Had I have not been listening
I would’ve missed it today too

The Sun it goes down
Beyond the hill
The path is clear
And I know that I will


Written by David Johnson

This is the first poem I had ever written & was originally published on my ‘Observations & Other Writings’ blog in August 2013.

© CommunicatingCreatively/David Johnson 2015

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