Hi, I’m David Johnson and I have a passion for expressing myself creatively.

I love to observe the world and then, love to endeavour to communicate what I see via mediums I find fun!

Welcome to my NEW Blog!

In 2013 I started 2 Blogs on WordPress:
lightinspired.wordpress.com – Photography
observationswritings.wordpress.com – Poetry/Writing

Photography: Started in 1982
Public Speaking: Started in 2008
Oil Painting: Started in 2012
Poetry: Started in 2013 & have written 130 poems
Writing: Started in 2013

Photography has been the dominate interest for a long time in my life however the other interests have been ‘gaining ground’ over the past few years, and in some cases are now combining.

Seeing that the interests are all ‘communicative’ ones I thought I would combine them into one page, rather than have 3-4 individual blogs.

Some brief notes on my background…

Camera Clubs:
A member since 1986 & currently a (founding – 2004) member of Southern Highlands Photographic Society.

Photographic Judge:
Since 1995 with Federation of Camera Clubs (NSW) Ltd

Light Inspired:
My Fine Art Photography business

Toastmasters International:
A member since 2008 & am currently a member of Camden Toastmasters & The Grange Toastmasters Clubs.

Some of the content from my previous blogs will make it to this new blog however it is my main aim to have new content on ‘Communicating Creatively.’

I hope you enjoy my latest foray into blogging! 🙂

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