Time Alone With Books

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One of the presents I was very grateful to receive yesterday for Christmas was the book pictured below. I had spotted it in my local Art store and (as usual) when approaching Christmas, my Wife, Susan said ‘do you have any ideas for presents just in case anyone in the family is stumped for what to buy you?’

I only started keeping a sketchbook regularly at hand in the past 3-4 years and have been searching around for ‘that elusive all-purpose sketchbook’ that apparently does not exist.

We are so spoilt for choice these days in terms of Art supplies, including sketchbooks, not so in days gone past.

The book is beautifully presented and highlights 70 Explorers and what they used to document their journeys and their discoveries. The sketchbooks go back as far as the 1600’s to the 21st century.

I imagine they were ‘not spoiled for choice’ back then in terms of sketchbook and paper types. I think sometimes ‘we have too many choices’ and ‘get too wrapped up’ in the myriad of tools available. Maybe we should apply the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) method more often?

I am looking forward to diving in to read about not only the Explorer’s adventures but also what they used to record their adventures and discoveries. It is going to be a fascinating journey!

Till next time!

Written by David Johnson

26 December 2021

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Eligia Sword – Profiling Photographers


Welcome to another instalment in the series, Profiling Photographers. Eligia is passionate about photography and wildlife and very active in the Camera Club world in Brisbane. I hope you enjoy her insights and photography as much as I do. Thank you Eligia for being part of this series.


Canon 5DMk3 Camera. Lenses: 100-400, 24-105, 100 Macro and 50 Prime 1.8. My next purchase will be a wide angle lens.

Why did you choose Photography as your medium of communication?

I won a minor footy tipping contest and decided to buy a camera. Joined a Camera Club, took some beginner’s lessons and haven’t looked back since. It is not a passion, it has become an obsession in a good way.

Which Photographers have been the greatest influences on you & why?

I don’t have any favorite photographers at the moment. I visit lots of Websites, read magazines, go to photo exhibitions and join online photography sites to expand my knowledge of the type of photographs that are possible to create. I have learnt a lot at the Photographic Club with the guest speakers, long time members and entering the monthly competitions.


What inspires you to create the type of images that you do?

I like to go for a walk in the morning and my camera comes with me. I have developed a great interest in birds, bugs and butterflies. I don’t have any trouble finding any of those in the local parks and if I can’t get out and about I can always find some in my back garden.

What do you think makes your style unique?

 I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I don’t give up on a photo until I’m satisfied that I couldn’t do any better.


Do you have any advice for an aspiring photographer?

Have your camera with you at all times. Photograph most days if you can and try all sorts of photography. Eventually you will find what you are good at and when that happens I bet you won’t be able to stop.

What is the next big adventure for you, photographically?

I would love to go to Africa. To me it would be the ultimate wildlife adventure.

The next photographer in the series will be ‘Barry Moore.’